Kozik & Woelke plc


Assisting with the import process, including assistance with obtaining freight forwarder, customs broker and transportation services, establishing global trade compliance programs and assistance with outsourced management of compliance programs.

Advising on and assisting with C-TPAT applications.

Advising on import and customs requirements, including proper customs classification, valuation, country of origin and marking requirements, and antidumping and countervailing duty issues.

Assisting with binding ruling requests.

Advising on special and reduced duty tariff regimes and free trade agreements. including NAFTA qualification and compliance.

Protesting customs determinations.

Assistance with and counseling on compliance audits and conducting internal reviews.

Advising on Importer Self-Assessment requirements and applications.


Advising on export requirements and restrictions and assisting with export license applications and commodity determinations.

Assistance with offshore customs formalities and foreign customs authorities.

Counseling on trade compliance issues in connection with international supply, distribution, joint ventures and offshore manufacturing.

Counseling on anti-bribery laws, in particular the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), and helping to establish effective compliance programs .


Counseling on delivery terms, air, ocean and motor transportation agreements, especially loss and damage and liability issues.

Drafting custom transportation contracts. 

International Agreements

Counseling and drafting international supply and distribution agreements.  Review of delivery and customs terms and compliance with law provisions to ensure contracted for benefits and opportunities and to minimize customs, export, anti-bribery and other risks.

Global Trade Law Services

Global trade is subject to a maze of complicated and strict regulations that must be carefully navigated.  The failure to comply with all legal requirements can have severe consequences ranging from intensive border examinations, detention or seizure of merchandise to expensive and time consuming compliance audits and penalty proceedings with potential monetary penalties and possible criminal proceedings.  ​Kozik & Woelke PLC  is experienced in counseling and helping clients maximize global trade opportunities while assisting them in achieving trade compliance.    Our practice focuses on: